Brenda’s Story

I have a passion for people and the challenges we as human beings face. The complexity of the world we live in, the suffering that many of us experience, the inequality many face daily, and the search for our place in the world has always concerned me- for myself and others. I believe we have a purpose to try and leave this world a little better than before we came.

As such I have served as a mental health professional and a small business owner/investor. As a mental health professional I have a master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado and a Licensed Professional Counselor designation. I worked at outpatient mental health and families in the foster care system. I focused Trauma Care protocols with both children and adults. I worked to facilitate mental health treatment as well as helping with resource needs for families through mental health counseling, family counseling, and trauma work to help clients with depression, anxiety, and supporting the ability to function on a day to day basis. People that commit violent acts generally have a trauma background and lack stress handling skill sets.

In community service I volunteered for a drug and alcohol facility outpatient counseling program and led substance abuse groups. Many of the clients had lost custody of their children and we were a part of their program to bring families back together. As a volunteer at a halfway house I created programs and helped clients back into society teaching drug and alcohol classes, parenting classes and served as a conduit for reintegration. I volunteered for the Friends in Transition program mentoring prisoners, served on Tough Love Parent Committees, and as a Red Cross Volunteer serving on the Emergency Response Mental Health team in disasters.

With the above experience I feel I can serve as your house representative in the areas of health care and mental health care to advocate for these issues. The mental health arena is a difficult system to deal with and I would support legislation to make that system easier to access and navigate. One issue is to fund more money to increase the number of school counselors and mental health outpatient programs to better serve our district. With experience in trauma I can advocate and help legislate sensible gun laws through the understanding of mental health and how trauma can affect violent offenders and act on that background and knowledge.

As a small business owner I was owner and secretary of small Real Estate Company. I was responsible for sales and property management of the company. The company coached and educated homeowners on the foreclosure process often helping those folks keep their homes or at least find ways to cope legally with foreclosure Issues. I am also a small real estate investor. I think I can advocate politically for us around sensible and fair real estate development and also advocate for landlord/renters in a fair and equitable way.

Politically I have volunteered for the Democratic Party and have supported several political campaigns. Specifically I opened and oversaw the Clinton campaign in 2008-running her office in Colorado Springs. I eventually ran and won and became national delegate for Congressional District 5. I also currently belong to and am a member of Moms Demand Action which supports sensible gun laws and am running a grass-roots campaign.

I would work hard to support a more civil dialogue, work across the aisle for shared benefits, support the needs of our disenfranchised citizens and help to create a safe and positive environment for our people and our country.